What To Pack For Family Holidays In the Sun Abroad

What To Pack For Family Holidays In the Sun Abroad

Record temperatures in the UK during June and early July meant that we were given a little preview of what our summer holidays might be like – we can’t wait! We like to pack light and if we’re only away for a weekend, cabin luggage is all we take. For longer holidays, it still makes sense to pack as little as possible – that way, we can bring lots of presents home with us!

Space-saving cashmere

Holidays are all about blue skies, sparkling seas and bright, colourful clothing – Arkell & Wills cashmere sweaters are right on the money in that department. You will be sure to stand out from the crowd while wearing them, too. Pop one of our bright raspberry or sapphire sweaters into your day bag, in case your exploring takes longer than expected and you arrive home after the sun has gone to bed. Cashmere makes packing straightforward – it is lightweight and warm, so that it doesn’t take up much space in the suitcase but you can guarantee to be warm on chillier evenings.

Cashmere – sailing style

Heading for a sailing holiday or time on the water? Of course, space is at a premium if your luggage is a rucksack but cashmere is equally practical and easy to carry for boating, camping or outdoors holidays. Keep with the boating theme, by packing one of our striped Breton-style sweaters in navy and white. The design is versatile enough to wear on its own or over a thin tee as an additional layer; this is a style that never dates.

Snuggly sweater – check!

If you have the luxury of checking your baggage, you can take a whole selection of clothes for every occasion. Our waterfall cardigan is cosy and cuddly but also looks the part for a smart-casual venue when dining out on holiday (or at home!). Alternatively, it works well as a beach cover-up over your swimwear – no need to blush as you make your way through the hotel foyer. You won’t want to hide it in the suitcase though; pop it in your carry-on bag as a snuggly cocoon to keep you warm when airborne – that air conditioning can make aeroplanes chilly places, even in summer.

How to pack your cashmere

When we send your cashmere purchases out to you, we lovingly present your cashmere items folded neatly and wrapped in tissue paper, then put inside our Arkell & Wills box with a ribbon tie. When it comes to putting your cashmere clothes alongside shoes, accessories, lotions and potions in your suitcase, tissue paper isn’t strictly necessary. Nevertheless, some common sense rules apply. Cashmere is lightweight and forgiving, so you can either fold it flat or roll it, in order to fit the garments into smaller spaces, without worrying about damaging it. However, cashmere fibres don’t like dust and grit from shoes so place those in a shoe bag first. Likewise, clothes and shoes can be damaged by spills, so pack cosmetics in a waterproof bag to avoid incidents. Remember that your checked baggage might be roughly handled in transit and pack defensively to keep your sweaters looking like new.

Smart holiday packing

In brief – here’s how to pack smart for your holidays:

* Wear your jacket and jeans – they would take up room and are heavier, so you maximise your luggage allowance.
* Stuff underwear and smaller items into shoes and small spaces in your case.
* Pack versatile tops and sweaters that will go with several outfits.
* Remember to pack liquids in a resealable, plastic bag if you’re flying.
* Leave room for shopping and souvenirs.
* Roll larger items to avoid creasing.
* Pop fragile items into a sock or towel and place in the centre of your bag.

We hope you enjoy your summer, wherever you spend it – why not send us a postcard or post a photo on our social media?