Dry Cleaning

Professionally dry cleaning your cashmere is an excellent way to launder your garment, especially if you are dealing with stains. Dry cleaning is also a great way of preventing damage from moths as they do not like the smell of the chemicals used. However, items that have a crystal embellishment are not recommended for dry cleaning.

Hand Wash

We recommend that you hand wash your cashmere in luke warm water using a mild or specialist detergent. Do not rub your garment and rinse thoroughly after gently washing. Lie your garment flat on a towel and allow to dry naturally. We recommend that you turn any garment with  crystal embellishments inside out before washing.

Never wring or tumble dry your cashmere.

Machine Wash

Never machine wash our garments.

How to remove any pilling

After wearing your new cashmere item for the first few times, you may notice small balls forming on the surface in some areas, this is known as pilling. This does not mean that your item is of poor quality, this is quite normal with cashmere yarn and is caused by friction rubbing in that area. If you gently remove these using your Arkell & Wills cashmere comb, you will see your item return to its beautiful original condition. If your look after your garment carefully and repeat this procedure regularly, you will notice that it maintains it's softness and luxurious feel.

How to store your cashmere

Moths can be a real pest when it comes to cashmere, so store your cashmere carefully to help prevent any damage. Cedar balls are the modern replacement to moth balls and have a much nicer smell but are still very effective for up to twelve months. If putting your cashmere away for a longer period of time, we recommend storing it in a zip tight bag.