About Our Cashmere

At Arkell & Wills we believe very strongly in working with small manufactures around the world, being a small business ourselves, showing support for each other is one of  our core values. With this in mind we are lucky enough to have found some great suppliers in India, China and the UK.  

  Cashmere factory in Beijing

Our stunning cashmere collections are fabricated by a family run business in Beijing with over fifteen years experience in producing premium quality cashmere. The factory takes pride in their high values ensuring all of the cashmere yarns used are both sustainable and traceable. They work tirelessly making sure high standards are in place, including controlling the number of cashmere goats in their pastoral areas, along with ensuring a good standard of living conditions for their herdsmen, together with improving the soil and structured scientific grazing.

Arkell & Wills are proud that our fabulous cashmere pieces are manufactured with the same high standard, specialist skills, love and care as we have for them when we start the design journey of each piece here in Cheltenham. By working closely with our suppliers we can maintain a consistent, amazing quality at the best prices we can achieve for our loyal customers.  The touch and feel of all the cashmere used by Arkell & Wills is beautifully soft and wonderfully warm against the skin- perfect!

  Cashmere factory in Beijing

 Arkell & Wills also offer some gorgeous accessories produced at small factory in India, who again maintain our standards of ethical values and sustainability. 

All  of the fur used in our designs is Scandinavian purchased from Copenhagen to ensure that the standards are suitable for import and export. We also use an excellent quality of vegan faux fur on our accessories, to enable us a true choice for all of our customers. 

Arkell & Wills jersey collection is produced by a small factory in the UK. We love to be able to support and promote UK manufacturing wherever possible. Our stunning crystal embellishments are also produced exclusively for us here in the UK whenever possible to give our beautiful designs our wonderful Arkell & Wills finishing touch.